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What your favorite sad dad band says about you

called it

BULLHEAD 8 days ago
you don't like catchy songs?

BULLHEAD 8 days ago
oh yeah you like stuff like Failure that has absolutely 0 hooks

BULLHEAD 8 days ago
in summation, Len is better than Failure

its time for a nap.

theocean 8 days ago

VodkaVeins 8 days ago
In Bull's defense, everything Failure has done except Fantastic Planet is boring as hell.

I don't acknowledge any of their material that isn't from Fantastic Planet.

easyhateoven 8 days ago
i never got into REM either

Inkongudunk 8 days ago
None of this shit is dad bands This is single guy criticizing dad's, still wearing girl jeans and eating tofu burgers. No "dads" listen to pavement. Gtfo

BULLHEAD 8 days ago
well what do current day dads listen to?

Inkongudunk 8 days ago
Rap music

BULLHEAD 8 days ago
yeah guys that listened to these bands probably weren't able to procreate