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One of the guys responsible for some of the most critical parts of Windows is au

carveyournamein 8 days ago
Have I linked this already?

VodkaVeins 8 days ago
"10 Second Autism Test" f*cking 10 minute long video...

any time i see these and people give me arm chair judgement; and i try and seriously see if there's anything about me that truly, uncontrollably falls into this, and i realize no im just a piece of shit. like i don't get lost on the details, that shits for the mother f*cker who is going to pay me. change doesn't upset or disrupt my life, i don't need accom., ive slept on a f*cking tarp under the stars in a desert in a third world country. they need to add a fourth level for me maybe and the cure is giving me cash?

yeah i clicked because i thought it would be like something you look at that either makes you chimp out or has no effect.

Barbara 8 days ago
people that work with computers are autistic : OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

evil_hero 8 days ago
VodkaVeins 39 minutes ago "10 Second Autism Test" f*cking 10 minute long video... lmao

Portslob 8 days ago
10 second test… 9 minutes and 50 seconds of staring into the void and chewing violently on your own sleeve