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Going to apply for a loan

butlerianjihad 206 days ago
Pregame in the parking lot with a Foster's while making my "NOT ECONOMICALLY VIABLE" picket sign as legible as I can

Smoke five cigarettes fast af outside their front door, pacing back and forth and playing out the conversation in a whisper while doing hand motions; they'll give you everything you ask for.

theocean 206 days ago
you got sling shots in both back pockets?

butlerianjihad 206 days ago
That's every old Asian gambler ever

butlerianjihad 206 days ago
Got a buzz bomb in the cargo peezy for the celebreezy

butlerianjihad 58 seconds ago That's every old Asian gambler ever yeah and how many times you turned them down when they say you pay this now

it's like ryan reynolds character in that forgettable netflix ghost cop drama!

just walk in with some smokers jacket, half opened, your khakis pulled up to your waist, your safari hat on, pull the shades off slowly and say "Hey, you guy, give me some money".

theocean 206 days ago

Put your f*cking guns down! Put your f*cking guns down! Put your f*cking guns down! Put your f*cking guns down!

just make sure dayman knows that wyoming isn't a country before you guys start.

simon_belmont 206 days ago
Run in super fast and hard asking for the bathroom

don't even actually form the words "where is your bathroom?" just utter, in as animalistic and guttural tone you can manage "BAFFFROOOOM BAFFROOOM" and hit the truck stick on some guy holding papers so the papers go flying

dayman gets upset about the tv reports while they're getting the loan, and butler tries to calms him down - CCTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SR4O2gcXYA

dayman 206 days ago
u need money bro?