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WEEKEND PLANS? (3 day weekend)

virus_dot_exe 315 days ago
Bump for late risers.

idk probably stuff but maybe junk

iwilladapt 315 days ago
Leaving for California tomorrow morning for the week Today -> workout, work, dinner and drinks at this Italian place then staying the night at the lake house Tomorrow -> up early to catch flight to LA, might try to hit up Vegan Hooligans in DTLA, party at a friends, then seeing American Nightmare Sunday -> visit family, dinner with family in LA, supposed to see Deaf Club in Echo Park but it just got canceled D: Monday - Friday -> visit brother, friends, try to checkout out some old and new vegan spots & record stores Next Saturday -> head to San Diego, checkout some record stores and then Supercross Sunday -> head back to CLT, stay the night at the lake house, then work on Monday and then home finally

butlerianjihad 314 days ago
Have fun in CA! ^_^/

skinsuit 314 days ago
Today - Lambgoat Tomorrow - Boendestöd, Lambgoat

_steelpanda_ 314 days ago
Today - wife dropped kids off so she can to Al anon AA meeting at 7pm with wife, dinner with sponsor Wife will drop me off at home Test out new ladders and rope Sunday - if Alive,Morning AA meeting, will walk if I have too, got snow and ice storm heading my way. Monday - rinse and repeat

_steelpanda_ 314 days ago
Oh and play guitar, probably just need to do that.

BULLHEAD 314 days ago
Oh yeah I'm gonna play some guitar today

iwilladapt 314 days ago
butlerianjihad 2 hours ago Have fun in CA! ^_^/ Thanks man! <3