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WEEKEND PLANS? (3 day weekend)

scissors7 3 days ago

Portslob 3 days ago

shitinyourhand 3 days ago
Heading to VT sunday, hitting mountain for a day on Monday (Nor'easter) Taking kids out of school Tues and heading back

Portslob 3 days ago
MLK day? Nobody gets that off

shitinyourhand 3 days ago
and Football/Beers/Getwaste

timelordtwo 3 days ago
TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER II and hang out with my son

Portslob 1 minute ago MLK day? Nobody gets that off You do if you live in a place where everyone is black.

Portslob 3 days ago
That's why I want to move south

scissors7 3 days ago
Today/Tonight - WFH, ??? Saturday - Kids Gymnastics, ??? Sunday - Kids Ski Lessons, ??? Monday - ???

evil_hero 3 days ago
i gotta drive to home depot an hour away to pick up some rain barrels i ordered

Hang with bros after work today. No real plans beyond that. Maybe drag myself to a beach or something. Cook for the week. Do laundry. Bleh.

Portslob 3 days ago
I'm doing my civic duty and will remain quarantined for one more weekend

scissors7 3 days ago
bump for late risers.

nothinlefttogive 3 days ago
4-day weekend for me, finishing off the condo. Today: Finish hanging the last interior door, install terlet & vanity in bathroom. Light painting. Sweep up all the shit. Tomorrow: paint doors & a bunch of other shit semi-gloss white. Sunday: remediate sliding glass doors & windows. Move my remaining personal effects. Monday: Paint touch-ups.

butlerianjihad 3 days ago
Going back to work! :^)