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Lisa Loaf - Spray(I Piss Poo)


lol thread

boredtodeath 126 days ago
Analkiss Morearsepet - (Those Tacos Ran) Right Through You

Portslob 126 days ago
Doja Shat - need to blow

Portslob 126 days ago
Smelly Clarkson - I can't heave for the first time

PenicillinTrapdoor 126 days ago
jesus christ. lololol.

Portslob 126 days ago
Carly Rae Dispensing Hey, I just went poo, And I was lazy, So here's my trousers, They're full of gravy

VodkaVeins 126 days ago
Scents You've Been in the John

Portslob 126 days ago
Scents from the Jon

thetowerofrome 126 days ago
f*cking lollllll

withdeadhandsrising 126 days ago
you need a big splash bitch a raw stench bitch one don't give a f*ck and say she took that shit i'm in the joooohn droppin boooombs (pop that asshole for me, blow up this can) -stench montana ft doja splat

Portslob 126 days ago
Destiny's Chili - spray my name , spray my name

shitinyourhand 126 days ago
Mazzy Starfish - Fade Into Poo

shitinyourhand 126 days ago
Portslob 10 minutes ago Destiny's Chili - spray my name , spray my name lol

thetowerofrome 126 days ago