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If you have more than three tattoos

Amber 262 days ago
If you have more than three tattoos as Phil Leotardo would say you're a f*cking disgrace and you look like a Puerto Rican whore. And a sleeve counts as 7-in-one no gaming the system. I know this sounds intolerant but there are almost no exceptions. Like if you're evil_hero at least he's an alpha male selling his soul and getting laid for it. Or if you're in a band at age 40 profiting off of pretending to have the emotions of an 18 year old still that's cool because you're profiting. But how are you going to be a fully tattooed, spent $15,000 of your parents money beta male? And you hang out with people just like you and you're too good to eat at TGI Fridays but you'll pay double for vegan food that somehow tastes worse? Hardcore is a self contradiction of fake individuality. You're trying to seem edgy and different in unison f*cking Fight Club Robert Paulson shouting sheep. At least Varg for as terrible as he is practices what he preaches, burns down churches, commits murder. Or that band that sacrifices animals backstage. I don't like it but at least they're living the imagery of skulls and splattered eyeballs hardcore and metalheads pretend to. So these people are a bunch of mid 30s, approaching 40s, still wearing band shirts and buttons, with no children, no girl or boyfriend, thinking their SoundCloud is going to take off, no interesting opinions despite all that free time to read articles and books and see movies that aren't Marvel, pseudo individualists, who now defend politicians and big pharma? How does someone become a fully tattooed rebel with a ran over face on their t-shirt who defends Pfizer and tells you to vote for 200 millionaire Nancy Pelosi and Democrats? You have no opinion on geopolitics or solutions just complaints, and you're enraged over Gina Carano for seven Facebook likes. When you're 40 you basically have almost 40 more years of your life left. Get laser removal and adopt a child if this is you

carveyournamein 262 days ago
I have zero tattoos.

pastaman 262 days ago
That's gold, Jerry, gold!

theocean 262 days ago
hard facts

BULLHEAD 262 days ago
i might get a tattoo

evil_hero 262 days ago
im more insulted for being excluded. lol. i tell everyone i know to not get tattooed. do not get sleeves. nothing has made me more anti tattoos than 2 decades of looking like a sons of anarchy background character who has to explain why its tengwar not elvish for the rest of my life

BULLHEAD 262 days ago
might get one of those neck tattoos

evil_hero 262 days ago
body art is cool. i like talking to people about their tattoos. everyone has different cool ideas. i could get my whole body lasered and get completely covered again with different shit

evil_hero 262 days ago
one thing ive noticed, having known many heavily tattooed people for years. you have to have mental issues to get a lot of tattoos

BULLHEAD 262 days ago
or you want people to think you have mental issues

Barbara 262 days ago
I got all of mine removed after I didn't read that

jimbo 262 days ago
Justin Bieber is all tatted up

easyhateoven 262 days ago
i have a bunch of tattoos

willy_wanker 262 days ago
i have one tattoo it covers my entire body

evil_hero 262 days ago
jimbo 10 minutes ago Justin Bieber is all tatted up ive been called a fat beiber by a pissed off "gods girl" (poor mans suicide girl)