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where do you work?

Zordon 135 days ago
and are you hiring?

BULLHEAD 135 days ago
i'm an entrepreneur

Zordon 135 days ago
i dont want to work with manure sorry

Zordon 135 days ago
i want one of those jobs where i do stuff at a computer and then i get paid for it

Barbara 135 days ago
you should be a bodyguard for an up and coming juggalo rapper

BULLHEAD 135 days ago
do an onlyfans, zordy

evil_hero 135 days ago
did your ex ask about me at all

Vince 135 days ago
I was thinking starting an onlyfans where I post videos of my smoking weed in the nude.

evil_hero 135 days ago
my friend was doing that. hitting bongs topless then playing with her butthole. she was making good money actually, considering she did it from bed

Portslob 135 days ago
I work in America. We're always hiring

kort 135 days ago
im self employed

dog_boner 135 days ago
I bang on the drum all day

Zordon 135 days ago
im going to put on my resume that im a thread engineer/micro-post analyst for lambgoat.com

skinsuit 135 days ago
You're getting paid in Faygo.

Jesus_Juice 135 days ago
Homeland Security Yes