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story time: getting banned from FL by a state-wide promoter

evil_hero 138 days ago
this had to be 2009, but people from florida probably went to this dude's shows. he had shows all over florida. on this single tour, the line up played 5 or 6 florida shows from pensacola to miami, and 3 or 4 or them were his shows. pretty sure his name was jesse southside or some shit like that. he was a pretty decent guy and we got paid so playing his shows was great and the first couple (maybe pensacola, tampa) go fine and we head down to miami. at the miami show everything goes fine but the promoter dude is actually there at the show. with big promoters this isn't always the case. but hes there and he tells us that hes going to be at the next show too in ocala because his chick lives there. and shes got a bunch of scenie-beanie friends that need to get smashed. word. the ocala show is like a mini-fest, because we meet up with another hardcore band tour. so theres like 8 or 9 touring bands going to play this show tonight. its at a church with a big parking area in the back for vans. we start partying with the other tour package, getting real f*cked up. promoter dude jesse or whatever his name is introduces us to his chick thats f*cking smookkinnnn and her friends that are f*cking bussstedddd. its a big time oof from the entire tour package. the night goes on, bands play their sets and start partying. and this drummer from another band, which i shall not name drop because hes still a close friend, starts honing in on promoter dude's chick. and i will say, this drummer is an all time don juan. i joke around about smashing a lot of chicks, my body count is maybe 55-60, this dude has easily banged over 200 women, probably more. hes a machine. promoter dude get distracted for an instant, his chick gets left alone, and my buddy pulls her back to the tour van to get smashed. just like that. this show is getting more rowdy than normal just with all the extra drinking we've been doing. we start moshing it up super hard. theres something about the east coast. people mosh harder over there than the west coast. it just brings something out of you lmao. theres some courage crew fools at this show and they get all butthurt about how hard we're dancing and head walking and shit. in between sets, when theres maybe 1 or 2 bands left still to play, everyone's outside catching a breather when some shit talking starts up between the CC dudes and some tour package dudes. the promoter dude comes out to calm things down. when he notices that his chick is gone. i know where she is, in the van with my friend, so i'm liking watching him, he's going around looking for her, he finds her friends and they're like shrugging and shit. he starts to look at little more frantic. he starts going around the vans looking in windows. hes peering through the tinted glass trying to see whats inside. when he finally gets to the van they're in. hes holding his hands up to the window with his face an inch away from the window, trying to see if shes in there. then his head just drops in disappointed. and his hands ball into fists. he punches the side of the van super hard. it gets everyones attention in the parking lot. then he runs back into the venue. just now the last or 2nd to last band is starting so we go back inside. i see the promoter dude talking to the courage crew dudes. i'm like oh shit. i run back outside, i run up to the van, they are putting their clothes on. im just like dude, watch out. then i leave and go back inside the venue. the promoter dude and the CC dudes are forcing that band to pack up their merch table and leave, in the middle of the other bands set. they're yelling at each other. the CC dudes flip their merch table causing a huge mess, including breaking a totally innocent persons laptop. lol the bass player of that band comes out swinging. but hes gassed from too much hardcore dancing so he starts getting his ass beat. so a member of a different band jumps in. then all of the sudden the whole venue starts trying to fight the tour package. its just a mad house. the band has stopped playing. everyone is swinging. me, being a giant pussy, i run outside with a bunch of other people. the fight moves outside with us. its like warzone, people are dropping left and right. the promoter dude comes out screaming all sorts of shit like we're banned in florida, never play florida again, get jumped if we come within 2 states of florida, get dropped from the label, all this shit. the funniest part was that in the end, the show got stopped right then, and we ended up taking the promoter's chick to waffle house with her busted friends and they all got banged that night. and promoter dude went home alone. womp womp

Barbara 138 days ago
I'd ask what the bassist of a day to remembers dick looks like but I've already seen it unfortunately

evil_hero 138 days ago
lol. not them. but close enough

withdeadhandsrising 138 days ago
what band(s) were you in, if i may ask?

remember that band, One Fifth?

lurkcity 138 days ago

their singer sure looked like a heroin addicted f*cker for someone who was straight edge.

My friend toured with xone_fifthx back in like 2002. I saw them at Gainesville Fest in '01. They were f*cking dickheads but were all definitely edge back in the day. The bassist (I think) Brandon who I went to middle school with became an addict and died a couple years ago.

that sucks. their singer was definitely straight edge but he just looked like he had never eaten a food ever. that song htey had about playing dodge ball was pretty fun though

evil_hero 138 days ago
withdeadhandsrising 12 minutes ago what band(s) were you in, if i may ask? i wasnt in any bands. i was a photographer for about 10 years. something like that. i toured a bunch during that time working for bands and labels

spacetoast 138 days ago
no way

evil_hero 138 days ago
lol ^

glad to see spaceghost made it back from investigating the abandoned church next door to his window, where mr funny shoes hangs out!

Barbara 138 days ago
I thought lurk might be the promoter then you said he was with a babe and not an escaped Chuck E Cheese band member f*cking a ziplock filled with old rags

evil_hero 138 days ago
lmfao. theres so many lurks in ocala. i could have met him