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Cobra Kai

Is this show still good? I'm halfway through the first season and digging it, but am having a hard time imagining it keeping things interesting for 4+ seasons

Godfreyjones 172 days ago
Halfway through season 4 and I'm liking it. Some things are starting to wear thin at this point, but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment.

Portslob 172 days ago
Yeah it's great.. all 4 seasons

easyhateoven 172 days ago
the opening scene with terry silver in a robe and his long grey hair, i thought it was a chick

webmaster 172 days ago
it's cheesy and predictable, etc., but it's self-aware i'm halfway through season 4 and i'm still a fan

VodkaVeins 172 days ago
It's gotta be difficult to write a show that's nostalgic for 40 year old men but also appealing to 12 year olds. They do a good job. Like webby said, theyre self-aware.

theocean 172 days ago
ill give it a chance at some point man

Godfreyjones 170 days ago
One episode left on season 4 and they need to just end Miguel's time on the show. They broke his back and f*cked his ass.

Portslob 170 days ago
Lol. They ended that fat chicks story like bam

Barbara 170 days ago
its bad on purpose right? I saw some ads for it WOOF

Portslob 170 days ago
It's f*cking great

skinsuit 170 days ago
No watch.

Godfreyjones 170 days ago
It looks bad until you actually watch it. I had zero interest in it and didn't watch the original movies, but it's just a fun show.

skinsuit 170 days ago
Is Mr. Miyagi in it in any way? I'm not talking about Pat Morita, obviously.

Godfreyjones 170 days ago
He's referenced very frequently and shown in flashback clips. It had a ton of call backs to previous movie and characters too.