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making a playlist for my friend's party tonight

easyhateoven 179 days ago
it's just P.O.D. - Southtown on repeat

butlerianjihad 179 days ago
Vengaboys entire discography is all you need :^) WHOA! WE'RE GOING TO IBIZA!!! WHOA! BACK TO THE ISLAND!!!

easyhateoven 179 days ago
that's for the after hours to keep shit going

Barbara 179 days ago
this x30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P9pd8JqVT4

simon_belmont 179 days ago
The drummers Zao jersey in the music video, man

BULLHEAD 178 days ago
I'd like to see at least a little RAMONES on there

easyhateoven 178 days ago
oh yeah i forgot about that. thanks guys (simon and barb)

easyhateoven 178 days ago
i don't think i'm gonna listen to ramones tonight. bad brains... now we're talking

BULLHEAD 178 days ago
Ramones is more party music than bad brains

willy_wanker 178 days ago
depends on the party

jimbo 178 days ago
bull do you ever go to parties?

BULLHEAD 178 days ago
I used to. Back when I was more fun

evil_hero 178 days ago
e town mandibles. back to back to back to back

BULLHEAD 178 days ago
Bad brains named themselves after a ramones song. Bet you didn't know that

BULLHEAD 178 days ago
There's a free conversation starter for your party. You're welcome