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Having the time and energy

to post on lambgoat. You'd have to be giving something up in order to do it. It seems like a part-time job at the very least. Is web by paying anyone?

look, i know it takes 3/4's of your brain to post four sentences on a website, but you do realize other people can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, right?

dog_boner 159 days ago

BULLHEAD 159 days ago
i got a lot of free time over here

carveyournamein 159 days ago
I just post from my phone.

carveyournamein 159 days ago
It's pretty effortless.

dayman 159 days ago
trind delete

evil_hero 159 days ago
f*ck you

I think it's a matter of having free time because there must be something else you could be doing instead, right? If you're multitasking, why not give your full, undivided attention to whatever the other thing is? Why is it worth it to take time away to post? I'm just wondering what you'd be getting back for taking the time even if it doesn't take all that much.

BULLHEAD 159 days ago
why do you care what i do? i don't care what you do

VodkaVeins 159 days ago
I am multitasking. I have a smoke burning, an open beer, a half-smoked bowl and im learning the intro to 3rd Rock From The Sun on guitar...

who the f*ck is this fruitcake.

carveyournamein 158 days ago
I don't have to explain shit to you.

dog_boner 158 days ago
I'll never not post here as long as webmaster is paying a dime per post. All I have to do is use the app and not spam, it's a no brained

I don't care at all. That'd be a bigger waste of time than posting in the first place. All I'm wondering is what is there to gain from regularly posting here? Some people get paid for typing this much shit online. What's the point? VodkaVeins reply is more like the answer I'm looking for but it's the "how" and not the "why". It also made me realize that I might just be really bad at multitasking. You don't have to explain. You didn't even have to reply if you were going to just say that. It doesn't matter to me what you do. I was just curious if anyone knew.