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the killers

easyhateoven 159 days ago
last summer i went on a date with this girl and later on she introduced me to her best friends. the small talk began and this dude wanted to talk about music which was cool until he said the killers were his favorite band. he went on for like 30 minutes about how awesome they were and how fleetwood mac's guitarist was in the band at one point or something. it was annoying as shit and i wish i could forget about this encounter. long story short, f*ck that band. the killers f*cking suck. bruce springsteen wanna be pop sages

theocean 159 days ago
the faint should have the money that the killers made man

skinsuit 159 days ago
Great story, would read again.

_d0thack_ 159 days ago
Lol I own their first record on vinyl:(

VodkaVeins 159 days ago
lol, Lindsey Buckingham played on one song from the album they released last year.

VodkaVeins 159 days ago
The Faint are dope as hell. Saw them play Danse Macabre a few years ago.

Barbara 159 days ago
evil_hero 9 minutes ago why so many shots fired at dottie lately _d0thack_ 5 minutes ago Lol I own their first record on vinyl:(

VodkaVeins 159 days ago

_d0thack_ 159 days ago
Hey. I liked it a long time ago.

easyhateoven 157 days ago
the faint's first two albums were solid. i saw them open for ladytron back in 2008 in toronto. great show

Portslob 157 days ago
I used to f*ck my ex girlfriend to a killers album. It was the only tolerable cd she owned, and she had like 4 roommates and I would crank it on the boom box because I didn't want them hearing me bodyslam her. Now I get a boner whenever I hear Jenny was a friend of mine

easyhateoven 157 days ago
i have some good memories of hot fuss in 2004. not because it was a good album, but because of nostalgia.

easyhateoven 157 days ago
everything after hot fuss was garbage and the bar wasn't set high either. to say that they're you're fav band is ridiculous. sage ass flowers wears angel wings n shit. f*ck that band so god damn much. f*ck sufjan stevens too while we're at it. i legit hope he dies

_d0thack_ 157 days ago
Yeo ^^^ First album is ok