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that whole "etid brothers fight" marketing ploy

evil_hero 297 days ago
they conned everyone into believing it. amazing what you can do with a simple band statement and a few tweets. they were probably seeing lower attendance numbers so why not engineer some drama and pump those ticket sales up?

carveyournamein 297 days ago
I'll believe anything though.

evil_hero 297 days ago
you got blue check syndrome bro

simon_belmont 297 days ago
I bet we see the singer do a bad solo album soon

butlerianjihad 297 days ago
Pseudo-celebrity boxing

carveyournamein 297 days ago
I do believe that guy probably does go meditate in a closet at the venue before they play their set.

BULLHEAD 297 days ago
No interest in these men

before they played with Bleeding Through and Atreyu (lmfao) at Project Space 211 in Winston Salem in 2003, he was hanging out alone in a loading dock of the building until me and my 18 year old cambodian girlfriend came up and talked and i almost beat him in random trivia and then I gave him a book titled Pink & Brown, he disappeared again before the set while the rest of the band was inside at the merch table. he was probably chugging mouth wash in the broom closet.

that's a factual report, not conjecture

carveyournamein 297 days ago
What were you doing by the loading dock?

there were these grocery carts full of books. initially i was riding the carts down a street and crashing them, sending the books everywhere and yelling NO My BOOOKS@!!!! and freaking out and slamming myself onto the ground scrambling to grab all the books and act like I was having a personal crisis. then someone yelled at me, said those are for charity idiot, and they belong in the loading dock area, so thats why i went there. also my g/f hated when i did shit like that so she accompanied me and was actively trying to keep me separated from the other childmen.

pink and brown was one of the books that was in the grocery cart.

BULLHEAD 297 days ago
You were cruising for men


carveyournamein 297 days ago