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Pitbulls and pitbull owners

rick_tocchet 168 days ago
I love the people that say ita always the owners fault when this happens. Like oh, the dog was abused and not raised right. Um, no. The dog had been bred to literally fight and try and kill other dogs and animals for centuries. Thats why your dog almost tried and kill this person.

BULLHEAD 168 days ago
I smashed a dog over the head with my bicycle once. It was like a bull terrier or something. Also a shit dog

BULLHEAD 168 days ago
The only dog that doesn't suck is a neutered golden retriever wearing sunglasses

butlerianjihad 168 days ago
Air Bud or Go Home

evil_hero 168 days ago
you notice air bud was never whistled for traveling. bullshit ass refs always in the pocket of star players

OhMyCar 168 days ago
Barbara 12 minutes ago White trash trophies they are much more of an american negro thing in my experience. the white devils and beaners don't get into them unless they are trashy like you mention. pajeets and slants don't have f*ck all to do with them, thankfully.

evil_hero 168 days ago
jfc youre awful at existing

butlerianjihad 168 days ago
The dog at my house is some kinda pit mix, she's not bad except she's old as f*ck, can't see shit and barks at nothing, and escapes the backyard to walk herself around the neighborhood until we have to go find her So yeah, shit dogs

Portslob 168 days ago
German Shepards are way worse than pit bulls

BULLHEAD 168 days ago
No German shepherds are nice

carveyournamein 168 days ago
rick_tocchet 3 hours ago They are the worst of the dog world. It's true.

BULLHEAD 168 days ago
German shepherds have always been nice to me

can we throw OhMyCar to a room full of horny pitbulls?

BULLHEAD 168 days ago

also, as far as pits go.... you can't be a startled, shook, or nervous person if you have one. there are issues with raising and breeding, blue noses are generally better tempered but its really the person. also if you have any anger issues that dog is gonna f*cking murder something or two or three somethings in its life time because environment is real. my buddy has a blue, it's gotten bit in the face like 5 times, including by little what-ever-those-f*cks are dogs pomeranians? and my black lab. he also still had his balls... it really is case by case, but for sure a frightful,nervous, etc owner will give off vibes the dog will react to by wanting to protect, and if you're one of those wall punching clowns who shouts and screams at the TV over sports games your dogs def gonna murk a person or cat or other dog. Used to help raise cane corsos which would include being around the big ass males. They can get scary but its repetition of knowing them, seeing them, and not showing any fear. I would throw whole chickens to those mother f*ckers, sometimes two. One got out of the enclosure and I was able to see him as I was coming back down the driveway.... it was legit scary for 1 second, until I realized an animal the size of me was heading to me at a decent pace, not wagging his tail, and my thumb was leaking pretty badily as I scrapped it on a saw while delimbing the driveway entrance (delivery that day, branch was obscuring entrance for 24ft box). I didn't panic, I just wrapped the thumb up and kept saying the dogs name, good boy, the dogs name, and walked his happy ass back to the pen. Some of y'all have hard line definition on shit, and it's kinda funny to see.