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Pitbulls and pitbull owners

Amber 174 days ago
Deserve to be pitdown https://youtu.be/FrrcfhA1PU0

rick_tocchet 174 days ago
They are the worst of the dog world.

easyhateoven 174 days ago
we did this thread already you think keith buckley has a pitbull? or chihuahua

evil_hero 174 days ago
people with pitbulls be like "psh hes only killed TWO children, give him a break"

Amber 174 days ago
I will do this until they are illegal. Keith has seven pitbulls luckily he likes them underage

rick_tocchet 174 days ago
Might as well have an aligator as a pet.

_d0thack_ 174 days ago
No comment.

easyhateoven 174 days ago
lol rick

_d0thack_ 174 days ago
10 bucks says Rick can powerbomb a gator.

BULLHEAD 174 days ago
Bad dogs

rick_tocchet 174 days ago
I feel more comfortable around gators than i do a pitbull i dont know. I rather deal with millions of years of instinct than the dumbest dog of the last 500 years.

webmaster 174 days ago
Neither can be trusted. There's no two ways about it.

OhMyCar 173 days ago
100% agreement on this. pitbulls are weapons. A childhood friend got mauled in the face by a pitbull in high school. She got some facial scarring but the attack was super violent. she ended up committing suicide like the day after graduating college because of the emotional trauma.

BULLHEAD 173 days ago
I could beat up a pit bull I bet

Barbara 173 days ago
White trash trophies