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Guys, I'm drunk

easyhateoven 298 days ago
How's your Saturday going?

butlerianjihad 298 days ago
Drink until I'm cute!!!

It's Saturday?

BULLHEAD 298 days ago
watching BAR RESCUE

jimbo 298 days ago
thats a good show

BULLHEAD 297 days ago
Those "hidden cameras" are bullshit. They literally follow them around at close range

BULLHEAD 297 days ago
I like when he gets mad

jimbo 297 days ago
lol yep. and the bar is always super bright and lit up. no real bar is that lit up.

Jayskie 297 days ago
I'm getting ready to go out and probably get drunk too.

evil_hero 297 days ago
hell yea

BULLHEAD 297 days ago
We should open a bar

Barbara 297 days ago
Still at work for another half hour boooo

butlerianjihad 297 days ago

_d0thack_ 297 days ago
Very well. About to head out. Stay safe homie.

easyhateoven 297 days ago
i don't recall making this thread