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Never Underestimate

_d0thack_ 46 days ago

easyhateoven 46 days ago
Never really got into that band.

Barbara 46 days ago
never turn your back on a mosh https://youtu.be/nr53OJgu21Q?t=150

_d0thack_ 46 days ago
easyhateoven 13 minutes ago Never really got into that band. This is their best song. You can skip most of their discog.

evil_hero 46 days ago
FEEL MY HATRED *windmills into oblivion*

_d0thack_ 46 days ago
That's the best part.

OhMyCar 46 days ago
Didn't their old drummer play with a traditional grip?

easyhateoven 46 days ago
oh i never heard anything past day of reckoning. this song gives me hatebreed vibes :)

_d0thack_ 46 days ago
This band would be SO much better without the clean vocals that sneak in through out the songs

_d0thack_ 46 days ago
I don't even mind cleans in metal if it's done right

easyhateoven 45 days ago
yeah those clean vocals are insufferable