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A veteran Taco Bell worker of 20 years says he quit because customers have gotte

BULLHEAD 167 days ago
I remember an old guy saying racist shit to me when I was out in the lobby refilling the cups or whatever. He expected me to agree with him I guess. I just looked at him. That's the only thing I remember about working at burger King.

carveyournamein 167 days ago
Someone should do a goregrind festival called Slamdemic.

_d0thack_ 167 days ago
Lol Carve

i almost forgot one... but the reaction was way different... got fired from Dominos at 18, I was closing, I had air freshener and was cleaning up the front. we smoked weed in the walk in so I dosed the front of the house with it; some white trash assholes were sitting there, their pizza on the rack waiting for them to slovenly fall out of their car and grab it---a good 20-25 feet from where I was spraying the air freshener. apparently once I finished sweeping and clocked out, they came in, got their pizza and filed a complaint that I made them sick. they went over my bosses head and called the franchise owner, they said they had to let me go. they rehired me a few weeks later when the people tried to do the same thing again, and banned them from being serviced at the Dominos. Come to think of it, case in point; these days I'd probably be facing a civil lawsuit for spraying airfreshener in a common room away from food... Back then they just let me go and then saw the costumer was shit. Honestly, and this is the realest answer I have to this shift in mentality; your mediocre offering of simp money to capitalism for some overrated blah-riffic product doesn't mean shit. The costumer is just an idiot yelling SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, and should basically be treated as such. Marketing 2030 style y'all.... "YOU STINK LIKE SHIT NOW SHUT UP AND BUY BRAWNDO!"

BULLHEAD 167 days ago
I have not noticed people being meaner during the pandemic. Must be a big city issue

"I DIDNT SPEND MY HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS!" has basically become a mindset. Like, if you bought tickets to a football game, a concert, bought a car, a high priced novelty item... in previous days... and it was faulty or a rip off, this statement was completely understandable. Now a days, f*cking idiots say this and then bitch about being broke. Hey, maybe don't go out all the time, maybe don't buy overpriced bull shit. Your money ain't special.

BULLHEAD 167 days ago
You ever see thst Gothic King Cobra guy? He'll literally spend 60 dollars on one pizza. But he's got mental problems, I think

oh, please, everyone in this country has a f*cking mental condition. materialism is human af, but it used to have a purity. an item made, that was unique in it's composition and meaningful, passed down or garnered through some sacrifice or search. now a days, people behave that way with f*cking bacon double jump nike hyper elite comfort sweatpants. thats a huge f*cking problem but no one will ever say shit about it. i mean, f*ck, i buy shit.

mass produced* nike hyper super bacon porkchop Dennis Rodman headband mock sweat stopper wrist bands*

*what the f*ck ever lurkcity bought this week

carveyournamein 167 days ago
$60 on one pizza?

it cost 60 quetzales for a pizza in Chisec, GUA. but you'd get watery poop and parasites if you didn't get the one from the pizza chicken.

BULLHEAD 167 days ago
He loads it up with every single topping and gets extra toppings. He's addicted to it

i should offer to take gothickingkobra on a treck across central america and just leave him at some Don Rolando or some shit. let's do this guys, time to start a gofundus

would that be involuntary manslaughter? how does that work? there was a building off the main road when we got an hour from Coban that was clearly not a place men of legal outlooks hang out. I'll take him there and tell him it's a pizza place that also plays black metal or what the f*ck ever he likes. it'd be doing gods work.