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So, if I have friends in the Ukraine

Barbara 174 days ago
BULLHEAD 5 minutes ago Capitulate? Wtf? k

BULLHEAD 174 days ago
Who was the president when they attacked Georgia?

Barbara 174 days ago
bull had 6 pots of coffee and three discount tbones now hes feeling froggy

Obama, but that tension dated back to around 1991-92, when Georgia declared independence.

Also, I think we should send the state of Georgia (and Florida) to go fight Russia.

let's be honest, we've all seen Russian dash cam and security footage by now, Floridians and Georgians would be seen as liberators and bretheren in Russia.

Just let GA, FL, MS, LA, TN, TX all go and form their own country, call it 'Merica!, and we keep the USA alliance but they're the military wing of our material consumerism, so we send them to Russia and you know those chimps love to tailgate, flexing their triceps and gnashing their teeth, and we invade them and let them keep Russia. I'm sure a hybrid society of Southern Y'allqueda and Russians would be perfectly fine, nothing to worry about. Vote for me, 2024.

timelordtwo 174 days ago
Obama sucked

Trump does state good points, but doesn't do a f*ck-all-thing about them, regarding US giving to NATO. Probably because he doesn't understand any of that. Basically, in all fairness to all these individual nations that returned or formed after the fall of the Soviet Union; Russia is like The Undertaker coming down the ramp at the Royal Rumble with a ring full of Gilbergs and Mulkey Brothers, and Spike Dudleys. It's like a tiger in a cage looking at a bunch of dumb, slow, fat deer in a small pen. NATO is the cage. The truth I'd say is, it's ugly, but that general area has always been vassal states rising to power and later controlled by a larger governing body (Ottoman, Kiev, Soviet, Mongol, Roman, Byzantine, etc etc onward forever) and we spend a lot of money to clean up a mess we actually didn't make, meanwhile we have politicians who get elected for being against our core values regarding citizens fleeing countries where we actually made a mess. But hey, I just eat my own shit out of the diapers I use so i don't have to waste time using the toilet.

timelordtwo 174 days ago

your only comment was "obama suked", I wouldn't expect you to get that part.

timelordtwo 174 days ago
You should play crusader kings I think you would like it

NATO does cost the US a lot. NATO does not operate in South or Central America, where most or a large portion of political problems leading to warfare and violence were caused by US intervention. These nations are also closer and have more resources than Eastern Europe. Huh

removing the US from NATO would likely spell doom for nations like Ukraine, Belarus, any Eastern European nation without a strong military and national economy. maybe not in our lifetimes, but Russia is an emerging power once again and has such a large population their resource needs outweight their current territory. And having less trade deals, etc, to run things like that proposed pipelines, I would just think it would be beneficial to have the Province of Ukraine or Belarus than the nations of. In terms of net national gross from that? Trump likely was pointed out the financials of US expenditures vs effectiveness in NATO; and I do think if we shored up South and Central America into functional capitalistic democracies, the whole continent could absolutely boom. But I doubt he even, in the moment (not after when research can be done, by other ppl), grasps the complete depths. Nor can they be grasped. People gonna people. Someday we may even have The Province of Imperial Hawai'i.