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So, if I have friends in the Ukraine

imagine for a second... america has a correlating number of major political parties coinciding to it's population spread and cultural variations.... could you imagine an America where no one bitches about Blue Man, Red Man, Orange Man? shit, people might actually go to work and do actual work ffs. Who knows.

simon_belmont 174 days ago
I haven't seen on anything on Facebook that tells me how I'm supposed to feel about this yet so I'm not really sure.


I have an idea to solve all of this: we send Keith Buckley, Kyle Rittenhouse, and the LAM parents of the Michigan shooter to defend the Ukrainian border.

BULLHEAD 174 days ago
I never had Facebook. I refused. I get my news from newspaper headlines at the grocery store

Bull, those papers haven't been replaced since Usain Bolt won gold in Beijing.

BULLHEAD 174 days ago
I get my news from 80s punk bands lyrics. You hear about that Iran contra conflict?

I'd tell you to check the AP but I think that's where you get grocery stores mixed up for news outlets to begin with.

Portslob 174 days ago
Putin wouldn't be doing this if Trump was in office

Barbara 174 days ago
the way trump capitulates to putin is one of the most pathetic things about him

.....it escalated to it's highest tension while he was in office, running the exact same policy as his predecessors but just pretending he wasnt by saying it outloud lol...

BULLHEAD 174 days ago
Put down your thesaurus, nerd

BULLHEAD 174 days ago
Capitulate? Wtf?

actually the resulting deal Trump struck with Ukraine, he tried to line with political benefits for himself... meanwhile; he basically gave dog whistles to Putin about a desire to leave NATO thus taking away the only real true military power in the alliance; which was safe-guarding the Ukraine border. again, this really doesn't have shit to do with Trump, Biden, Obama, Bush or Clinton because the global political stage is way bigger than CNN or FOX or what the f*ck ever. blergh.

Russian plan to bring pipeline to Germany along with US up and leaving air bases; god this gets into way more than TRUMP GOOD TRUMMP BAD HE MAN I LIKE MAYBE DISLIKE URGH NOW H8 U. Russia sees Ukraine as part of it's own as Ukraine was once the basic heartland of the Kiev Rus state; however Cossack rebellions, recognition of the regions own cultural heritage and traditions, the rise of nationalism, all of these things mean the Ukraine is, in fact, it's own autonomous region. I do not think Russia is necessarily meddling with border nations to reunite the old Soviet block, at all, rather because things like the Central Alliance, the growing EU (along with the counter-balance of nations looking at options like Brexit) and the fact they are the actual border power to China---whose production and economy are getting all up in the whole rest of the worlds markets means they want to secure their access to resources, wealth, all that wonderful stuff. Plus, eastern Europe is a heavy producer of plastics, so theres that. But NO TRUMP HE DID GOOD BUT BAD MAN OR IDK RUHAKHKHHHH