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So, if I have friends in the Ukraine

I should probably be telling them god bless and sending them MREs?

BULLHEAD 298 days ago
Is russia pissed at them? I saw a newspaper headline over at the grocery store

Russia has something like 90,000 combat troops just chillin, ya know nbd, at the Ukrainian border.

BULLHEAD 298 days ago
What am I supposed to do about it?

Put on some shoes.

out of respect.

Portslob 298 days ago
Biden is such a f*cking idiot

BULLHEAD 298 days ago
Yeah he is

Trump actually gave a small bit of fuel to this happening, of all American President's he actually had the direct negative impact on this, please don't post unproven insanity in here.

Bush was the one who wanted to work Ukraine into NATO, Obama carried that on. Trump, though correct that Ukraine is not a NATO compatible nation, is doing it because of an unknown reason, clearly influenced by Russian oligarchy. But, yeah, no, Biden THNK U BAWNDMNOND>

NATO expansion dates to the Clintons; of all vying powers, Russia has been hurt the MOST by this. Oligarchs and kleptocrats who have seen their financial powers decline since smaller nations are run with oversight... The Clintons suck but y'all wonder where the really out there theories come from... that's lol

Barbara 298 days ago
Bull is moving to WA to join a barefoot militia

Finally: Putins claims, which Trump believes (lol), that the Ukraine is not a nation and has no heritage is just flat out re-written history. (Cossack States, and many small independent kingdoms/etc going back to FOREVER).

ok so theres the recap of whats happening. nothing to do with orange man or old fartin sloppy sleepin man, at all.

BULLHEAD 298 days ago
Portslobs got that biden derangement syndrome