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Standing on the necks of police officers

carveyournamein 50 days ago
You think that's going to become a thing people do?

Portslob 50 days ago
Not if they want to live

evil_hero 50 days ago
if they arent a junkie they might survive it

Most cops are weaklings now a days. Honestly, I think there's about 6-7 on the local force I could take the life of without a weapon; but I'll just say I like pikachu and fart in the corner so no one suspectz nothin

AnalButt 50 days ago
Police are just the same as politicians. Never trust they will do what is right or protect your rights.

carveyournamein 50 days ago
When we eat the rich we'll do it standing on the necks of their policemen.

AnalButt 50 days ago
Holding public officials accountable isn't the same as being a communist, carve.

carveyournamein 50 days ago
Oh, damn.

AnalButt 50 days ago
They should make us delicious nachos though. I'm hungry

I support Brehon Law.

easyhateoven 50 days ago
standing on the shoulders of giants

OhMyCar 50 days ago
if the pigs are lethally f*cked up on fentanyl then yeah kneel on their necks. I wouldn't want them roaming around with a loaded ass gun.

VodkaVeins 50 days ago
Lethally f*cked up on fentanyl AND roaming around with a gun...

easyhateoven 50 days ago

Barbara 50 days ago
loaded ass guns are ruining this country