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Yall remember

when Disney banned a grieving family from using Winnie the Pooh on their child's headstone? then felt bad and backed down and then ordered a grieving father to remove a spiderman headstone from his young sons grave? Disney, we love you.

PenicillinTrapdoor 53 days ago
Yeah man. I totally remember that.

BULLHEAD 53 days ago
why would you want that dumbshit on your tombstone?

BULLHEAD 53 days ago
if i'm walking around the cemetery i don't wanna see f*ckign spiderman and winnie the pooh

_d0thack_ 53 days ago
Lol Disney adults freak me out.

it sounds like you spend a lot of time walking around the cemetary?

BULLHEAD 53 days ago
i take a stroll through the big old cemetery here a couple times a month maybe.

BULLHEAD 53 days ago
they can't stop you. if someone asks why you're there you just point to a tombstone and say i'm visiting this guy's grave. an old friend of mine. f*ck off

Barbara 53 days ago
I don't really remember anything and it really hurts every time you guys ask that

also i hope everyone is aware these are images for headstones for children. not adults who were like love me some disney. i think the innocence of the symbolism makes the fact it's a child who died from some tragedy while some piece of shit adults walk around all fine and dandy (AT THE SAME TIME!) has much more of a profound effect, honestly. I mean, they're kids, what would a kid want for their everlasting marker? those mother f*ckers love temporary tattoos and sidewalk chalk, what are you expecting, an Islamic angel and a quote from Soren Kierkegaard? You cruel bastards, just like Disney, I tells ya!

BULLHEAD 53 days ago
they're dead. i doubt they give a shit

BULLHEAD 53 days ago
unless you know something i don't

You're gonna get ate by zombies, Bull.

baby zombies who you so callously besmirch with your cocky walkin about and egotistical hatred of winnie the pooh.

BULLHEAD 53 days ago
i've slept in graveyards before