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This meme of the wizard guy staring into an orb

simon_belmont 48 days ago
I don't get it. Is there something to get?

simon_belmont 48 days ago
'Pondering the orb.' This is what passes as humor today?

Barbara 48 days ago
wizards ponder orbs. it was a metal joke forever before this meme...

Barbara 48 days ago
distinctly remember people making crystal ball jokes for a solid 5 years

simon_belmont 48 days ago
Well yeah like the black metal guys doing that hand thing. Yeah. But no one thought it was funny. Everyone knew it was stupid.

VodkaVeins 48 days ago
I mean, the picture is kinda cool...it could be a stoner band album cover or whatever. But the joke is that this wizard dude just sits around "pondering his orb" like some cartoon villian. Its not the best joke, but ive seen a couple good ones.

i don't like what i'm hearing of this joke. i think he should give me that orb, also.

BULLHEAD 48 days ago
i'm so confused

_steelpanda_ 48 days ago
The Seinfeld and Obama one made me laugh.

easyhateoven 48 days ago
i don't think it's a funny meme

i've never even seen it and i've seen a lot of memes. is this one of those memes lurkcity posts on the lgfacebook?

thetowerofrome 48 days ago
No idea what this is

BULLHEAD 48 days ago
im not a big meme guy

im kinda surprised you even know what memes are.

Pilgrim 48 days ago
I have no idea what this is but now I'm listening to Manilla Road