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Thread for carve

Portslob 51 days ago
https://youtu.be/uFWHcP3SnP4 Dude completes 4 resident evil games without saving once or taking a single hit

What about crowfall or whatever?

_d0thack_ 51 days ago
I love Resident Evil. I've got 4, 5, 6, Origins collection and the Revelations collection on Switch. Plowed through them during the shut down.

Portslob 51 days ago
Oh I'm sorry. I didn't realize you two were carve

I am. I'm also your wife. Get me a new MAGA hat tonight please.

Portslob 51 days ago
You already have six!

Amber 51 days ago
Her boyfriend has also requested a new maga hat

get the dog one while ur at it hunny

Inkongudunk 51 days ago
He's a bull, not a boyfriend. Get it straight, mate

Portslob 51 days ago
You lost heil Trump

did webmaster kill portslob and replace him with a bot like he did with trind, lurkcity, and bull?

Portslob 51 days ago
I've never changed.

_d0thack_ 51 days ago
Anyone got the pic of Maroof in his pee pants?

lurkcity 51 days ago
recently purchased RE 1 and 2 for steam

Barbara 51 days ago
lol for steam