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I identify as a kitten and my boyfriend love it

Godfreyjones 51 days ago
What? https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/5653/i-identify-as-a-cat-wear-a-tail-and-ears-each-day-my-boyfriend-puts-me-on-a-leash-and-thinks-its-cute/

carveyournamein 51 days ago
Lucky couple.

butlerianjihad 51 days ago
Mew mew buckaroo

simon_belmont 51 days ago
I'd be done for this I think

thy will be done amen

butlerianjihad 51 days ago
Also I think catgirl is cute ^_^

Barbara 51 days ago
your brain is f*cked up then

butlerianjihad 51 days ago
Fair enough

simon_belmont 51 days ago
Does she shit in a box or outside? That's what I need to know

butlerianjihad 51 days ago
Does she make eye contact with him while shitting? Does she expect him to clean it up? Is the toilet filled with cat litter? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

if he reheats left overs does she repeatedly go to her plate, look at them, and then return to him to meow for a fresh cooked meal?

theocean 51 days ago
does she swat all the ornaments off the christmas tree?

simon_belmont 51 days ago
has she been spayed?

what if she does nothing that's actually like a cat other than lapping milk or water out of a dish, wearing f*cking cat ears, and going "meow"? would one be an asshole for saying her life is a lie of convenience? I hope she poops outside or at least has a big ole storage bin for a box.

imagine being her boyfriend and one of the agreements in dating her is you have to scoop her human turds out of a big box full of cat litter.