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People who throw diapers in parking lots

Amber 51 days ago
Or anywhere but a garbage. I'm not sure they don't deserve to be shot on sight.

simon_belmont 51 days ago
parking_lot_diaper is also my name

Amber 51 days ago
I saw a person with one wedged on their tire. When I came back out a new person was parking over it.

I shit on the US a lot; so here goes another.... This, and trash on our road sides, especially in newer developed areas where you see people don't realize what street sweepers are.... is pathetic. I mean, there were diapers in the streets of Villacuri Peru and Chisec Guatemala, but they have improper or absolutely no means of garbage disposal... meanwhile in the US it's not uncommon to see contractor garbage bags set out on a roadside turn off or tucked into the woods or once pristine wilderness littered with human trash (actual trash, not ohmycar).

in Peru a puppy was munching on a diaper, there weren't many diapers around that were unclaimed. Maybe we just need more feral dogs.

AnalButt 51 days ago
Learn to swim

Amber 51 days ago
I would shoot those dogs on site out of mercy

i saw a guy kick (not viciously, more like hey f*ck outta here plz dont bite me asshole kick) a dog and 3 more came. You'd better have a quick trigger finger or else them feral dogs will have possession of a firearm.

one of the dogs in Guatemala faked a limp to get more treats. I think feral dogs might be an evolutionary step in the Age of Boof.

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