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do you think you have it in you

i want to learn magic so i can turn my enemies into chickens.

VodkaVeins 177 days ago
butlerianjihad 4 minutes ago MIKE O MALLEY AND MO Goin' aggro crag on y'all sageas

easyhateoven 177 days ago
most of my enemies are chickens, so i eat them

if i were to decide i wanted a chicken enemy, do you think its a fair fight if i get in his pen and demand he throw hands like a real man? i don't think i'd have any qualms killing a chicken, especially if he's mouthy

but back to the subject of the OP... why, who are we gonna sacrifice at the Great Goater Meet Up of 2022?

Barbara 177 days ago
id volunteer but I dont think I have enough blood for everyone to get some

SeriousLoser just sent me a DM begging to be considered; but the sacrifice must be one of value.

BULLHEAD 177 days ago
here is something you can't understand, how i could just kill a man?

BULLHEAD 177 days ago
remember Cypress Hill?

butlerianjihad 177 days ago

easyhateoven 177 days ago
cypress mountain was bigger

butlerianjihad 177 days ago
The activators went on the fritz