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do you think you have it in you

I bet webmasters basement is full of black market feet for foot soup.

BULLHEAD 177 days ago
you can each have one of my feet when i die

easyhateoven 177 days ago
HOUSE_OF_HORSEKONNEN 3 minutes ago brain matter, apparently, is only worth $600 a mason jar. can I take their organs instead? that's like $600,000.00. yes did some guy steal your parking spot? you got a plate #? i think i can make something work. no, but lol

easyhateoven 177 days ago
do you have it? GUTS!

Barbara 177 days ago
remember that shoe retailer JUST FOR FEET? dumb name

carveyournamein 177 days ago
I would kill for very little.

I don't want your feet, bull. Too much parasites and sich for making foot soup.

easyhateoven 177 days ago
why do people have so many toes?

If Hot Pocket's gave me a lifetime supply, I'd murder anyone even my youth pastor his dad who is my youth minister. Don't take much to set me off, all you gotta do is play Madballs Set it Off.

easyhateoven 177 days ago
3-4 good toes would work

butlerianjihad 177 days ago

Barbara 177 days ago
all of mine look like the big toe

I wonder what's more valuable on the black market, a whole foot or individual toes. If you wanted to threaten to get hostage money but didn't have the stomach for cuttin off toes, you could buy egg cartons full of toes, i think that'd be preferable.

easyhateoven 177 days ago
lol barb. that's sexy

AnalButt 177 days ago
I'd just call them a silly goose and they'd wish they were dead