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do you think you have it in you

easyhateoven 298 days ago
to kill someone?

how much am i getting?

carveyournamein 298 days ago
I do, yes.

Barbara 298 days ago
to protect my home and loved ones? definitely not to protect my walking dead action figures? absolutely

easyhateoven 298 days ago
HOUSE_OF_HORSEKONNEN 2 minutes ago how much am i getting? piece of (someone's) mind

easyhateoven 298 days ago
hell yeah, barb

easyhateoven 298 days ago
what if someone takes a parking spot you wanted in a parking lot? would you kill that person?

hold on googling how much a brain is worth on the black market.

easyhateoven 298 days ago

easyhateoven 298 days ago
how much do you think kort's brain is worth?

brain matter, apparently, is only worth $600 a mason jar. can I take their organs instead? that's like $600,000.00. did some guy steal your parking spot? you got a plate #? i think i can make something work.

there was a quora suggested with someone asking how much a foot was worth on the black market lol

BULLHEAD 298 days ago
what are you gonna do with a foot?

that's a personal question

Barbara 298 days ago
a doorstop or for soup