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Bruce Lee's One-Inch-Punch

Bull, c'm'ere.

BULLHEAD 53 days ago
More like Bruce Lee's one inch pecker

Pilgrim 53 days ago
Those old videos of him playing ping pong with nunchucks is insane. I don't even think that it's possible

lol imagine, with his reflexes, if he played short stop or some shit.

Pilgrim 53 days ago
https://youtu.be/SncapPrTusA I just looked it up. Apparently fake so nvm

Pilgrim 53 days ago
Looks real as shit though. Still a badass.

regardless of that, there's a lot of videos of skills demonstrations or tricks he does and it's otherwordly--his quickness and fluidity. he would'a punched bull right in the dick and kill't him good.

webmaster 53 days ago
five finger death punch?

the ping-pong thing was an ad with a look alike. this is a pretty good breakdown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5KBnA-2NBg

for example that roundhouse head kick counter as the student's right hook is still coming to him---thats crazy.

i want to watch this guys videos now. i usually avoid any MMA youtube shit because it's barfy... this guy brought up the most important fight of why UFC is... kinda dumb shit shitty crap: Lee - simply changing his stance-creating new angles to attack. Obv this is common in boxing... but as he states and one thing that pisses me off watching UFC/etc- these trainers or whatever training teach a singular attacking approach and its boring.

BULLHEAD 53 days ago
I saw that Tarantino movie where Brad Pitt f*cked him up. He wasn't that tough

evil_hero 53 days ago

which is why I've always agreed when people say the striking in UFC is mostly trash; knockouts... with those tiny gloves... don't equate to good striking.

BULLHEAD 53 days ago
I just watched thst ping ping thing. You guys thought that was real? Jesus christ