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Dog moms

rick_tocchet 54 days ago
How many of these have you banged?

jimbo 54 days ago
a solid handful

rick_tocchet 54 days ago

BULLHEAD 54 days ago
wait you guys f*ck dogs?

jimbo 54 days ago
one of my old roommates had a lab mix and I would take it to the dog park sometimes when he was working, almost guarantee digits everytime

dayman 54 days ago
hell ya bro

dog_boner 54 days ago

timelordtwo 54 days ago
Hell yeah jimbo

evil_hero 54 days ago
i dont have a number. but i did go straight to anal no kissing with a chick who had a rescue chihuahua that was beaten by a dude before. so he would viciously attack any dudes who came over. so you literally had to run into her house and jump up on the bed where he couldnt get you. and after you finished banging his slag whore mother (who had violent felonies) you had to take a running leap for the door while it chased after.

jimbo 54 days ago
lolol American gladiators E_H stylee

evil_hero 54 days ago
lol. kind of was huh. instead of dodging foam javelins im dodging STDs and jail time

rick_tocchet 54 days ago

did you ever smack it in the face when she wasn't around?

VodkaVeins 54 days ago
E_H's American Gladiator name would be Glazer

evil_hero 54 days ago
HOUSE_OF_HORSEKONNEN 24 minutes ago did you ever smack it in the face when she wasn't around? lol. i only went in her apartment a few times. that thing was at least 67% chupacabra