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Best mafia movie?

Vince 48 days ago
The Godfather is great, but I like Goodfellas man.

carveyournamein 48 days ago
Johnny Dangerously

Jayskie 48 days ago
I would also say Goodfellas and then The Godfather.

BULLHEAD 48 days ago
i'd probably say GodFellas and then the GoodFather

Jayskie 48 days ago
I love much all of them though. Besides all the classics I really like Miller's Crossing and Road to Perdition.

butlerianjihad 48 days ago
Zombie Strippers

willy_wanker 48 days ago
analyze this

theocean 48 days ago
godfather I & II will always be at the top man

Jayskie 48 days ago
Godfather 2 is great too. I've still never seen 3 since I only heard negative things about it forever. I should still watch it.

nothinlefttogive 48 days ago
Goodfellas & Casino are great for their being rooted in reality (though in a very embellished manner, at times).

iwilladapt 48 days ago
theocean 28 minutes ago godfather I & II will always be at the top man and then it goes casino > goodfellas

_d0thack_ 48 days ago
Casino & Godfather 2 are my shit.

vagisilcreem 48 days ago
goodfellas is the only answer.

AnalButt 48 days ago
Jane Austen's Mafia Goodfellas is the correct answer though

VodkaVeins 48 days ago
Ive been to Vegas more times than i can count, starting as a kid going with my wild ass parents. So, ive always been partial to Casino.