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The Wage Of Sin - A Mistaken Belief In Forever (CD)

easyhateoven 299 days ago
NOW $2.11 instead of $2.50!!! https://lambgoat.com/shop/products/895/the-wage-of-sin-a-mistaken-belief-in-forever-cd/

simon_belmont 299 days ago
Never heard of it

webmaster 299 days ago
i vaguely recall that the band had women in it... Google tells me this: "The Wage of Sin were a metalcore/hardcore band from Jersey City, New Jersey. The Wage of Sin were formed in October 2000 by Rachel Rosen. Indecision had just broke up and Rachel finally had time to start an all girl band like she had always wanted."

nothinlefttogive 299 days ago
My brother-in-law's old band shared a drummer with them. Saw their last show @ ABC...they were OK...

nothinlefttogive 299 days ago
They did a judge cover, that was fun