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Taking a bunch of acid and going skydiving

BULLHEAD 57 days ago
I bet that'd be a fun thing to do

evil_hero 57 days ago
try it without a parachute!

_steelpanda_ 57 days ago
I was anticipating the rest of the title was you were doing that this week.

_steelpanda_ 57 days ago
Apparently megadeth are/were really into skydiving. They had a song called high speed dirt about skydiving and a music video I remember seeing when I was a kid. I bet Dave did acid and sky dived, seems like a very Dave thing to do.

dayman 57 days ago
that doesnt sound very fun

simon_belmont 57 days ago
Skydiving on acid. Hmmm I'm trying to figure out if that'd be really cool or really awful.

_steelpanda_ 57 days ago
Remember when extreme sky diving was a thing on the x games? Guys named rat and scooter were up their with skateboards with no wheels spinning around and shit.

VodkaVeins 57 days ago
_steelpanda_ 20 minutes ago Apparently megadeth are/were really into skydiving. They did a whole thing on Headbanger's Ball about it. Made Riki Rachtman skydive with Dave

_steelpanda_ 57 days ago
Then that's what I remember seeing, I must have been 7 or 8, then they showed some video of a cemetery. Maybe cemetery gates? Or Megadeth in a cemetery

VodkaVeins 57 days ago

BULLHEAD 57 days ago
Scuba diving on acid would be way worse. What's dave Mustain got to say about scuba diving?

Jayskie 57 days ago
I think that might be too much. Or it would be a life-changing experience. I think I would actually like tripping and scuba diving, though.

Portslob 57 days ago
I would never do either of these things independent of each other

_steelpanda_ 57 days ago
Gojira's light show plus a bunch of edibles made for a life changing experience for me a couple weeks ago. Pretty sure they were communicating with the mother ship.

butlerianjihad 57 days ago
Sounds awful