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nothinlefttogive 60 days ago
Y'all ever fux w/ that shit? Is it any better than regular chicken? Seems like the foie gras of chickens...I think I'm good on all that? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capon

boredtodeath 60 days ago
It's tougher than chicken and tastes like you had to slaughter the old rooster because you ran out of hens. It's not bad, just not worth the extra cash to me.

nothinlefttogive 59 days ago
That's interesting. You'd think they'd be more tender , considering the way they're handled.

Barbara 59 days ago
According to the wiki they are

Barbara 59 days ago
Who(m)(st) do we believe??

Barbara 59 days ago
Boredtodeath are you lying to us about castrated roosters for CLOUT

nothinlefttogive 59 days ago
I wonder if they still scream "cock-a-doodle-doo", considering...

boredtodeath 59 days ago
It's possible what I've had wasn't prepared well, or that I'm used to better chicken than average. I wasn't being dishonest. I simply wasn't impressed with the bird.

boredtodeath 48 days ago
I've decided to buy one and prepare it myself, as what I had before was not. I'll post my impressions of the results here whenever I get it done.

Barbara 48 days ago
I've been thinking about this a good bit since this thread was posted.

evil_hero 48 days ago
capon is dece. some cultures (usually faqgy white ones) consider it better or a delicacy. in africa they eat rooster all the time gelded or not. so its just chicken

evil_hero 48 days ago
ive been a small time chicken farmer for coming up on 10 years now so consider me the LG chicken expert

nothinlefttogive 48 days ago
I've got some recipes from the Campania region in Italy that suggest using capon broth. Sounds fancy!