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Sunday goaters

carveyournamein 306 days ago
What's for breakfast???

flap jacks

jimbo 306 days ago
sup time travel goats

evil_hero 306 days ago

boredtodeath 305 days ago
Not pizza Https://www.wyomingnewsnow.tv/2021/11/25/i-was-shocked-it-was-over-6-pizza-man-pulls-gun-pizza-place-employees-over-wait-time/

rick_tocchet 305 days ago
Today is Saturday

skinsuit 305 days ago

Barbara 305 days ago
"We are not always hot and ready! Never listen to that," Murrell said, referring to Little Caesars' slogan. "We are not always hot and ready." Idk why this sounds so ominous

BULLHEAD 305 days ago
so that crybaby wanted a doughy half-cooked pizza?

carveyournamein 305 days ago
The employees can use that pizza crust as a bulletproof vest.

carveyournamein 305 days ago
I like Little Caesar's though.

_d0thack_ 305 days ago
Skipped breakfast. Family, best friend and I went to my favorite BBQ joint here at home. I'm f*cking stuffed.

Every Little Caesars I've been to in this state was the front for a low to mid level drug operation.

Portslob 305 days ago
Are you in Japan carve? You dickhead

PenicillinTrapdoor 305 days ago
Lol portslob