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When dave mustaine dies

easyhateoven 303 days ago
It's going to be a mega death

evil_hero 303 days ago
he will shit out his entire colon and plug the toilet. then drown when it floods his house

jimbo 303 days ago
he will rust in peace

skinsuit 302 days ago
Dying will be his business ... and business will be good.

easyhateoven 302 days ago

VodkaVeins 302 days ago
Hello me...meet the dead me

easyhateoven 302 days ago
dead mustang

dayman 302 days ago
not cool bros

Portslob 302 days ago
We will all die before Dave mustaine

withdeadhandsrising 302 days ago
dave mustained britches

easyhateoven 302 days ago
Iggy Pop and Keith Richards will outlive us all