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listening to life is peachy

vagisilcreem 62 days ago

there's a b-side from this album that's basically a disembodied song https://youtu.be/PDef_oCCxFg

rick_tocchet 62 days ago
f*ck. I havent heard that song in like 20 years.

carveyournamein 62 days ago
I've never heard that song.

Portslob 62 days ago
Mrrrumpphuhuh gee yahhhaa Twist

nothinlefttogive 62 days ago
Da bmmmmm

VodkaVeins 62 days ago
An instrumental copy of that album would be still be really good

evil_hero 61 days ago
Portslob 6 hours ago Mrrrumpphuhuh gee yahhhaa Twist lol

evil_hero 61 days ago
good album

easyhateoven 61 days ago
Life is preachy

easyhateoven 61 days ago
I remember that sean olsen jam

it's from the crow: city of angels soundtrack lol

rick_tocchet 61 days ago
I still think gayet is their best song ever.

rick_tocchet 61 days ago
F a g e t

Always hated this bands vocals. But they did have some pretty breakydowny thingamajigs.