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RiP trind aka skinsuit

Inkongudunk 7 days ago
Rip in piece lil fella, you were never understood

_d0thack_ 7 days ago
Oh? Now I truly have something to be thankful for today.

Inkongudunk 7 days ago
I don't want to say too much out of respect for his family

nothinlefttogive 6 days ago
*dumps lutefisk juice*

evil_hero 6 days ago
damn. we never got to hit up the old smokehouse

easyhateoven 6 days ago
Lol he has no family

evil_hero 6 days ago
he should combine his names in a weird way and become "tracksuit"

i call him speedo because he's a special ed pedo

Inkongudunk 6 days ago
I wonder if he will be reincarnated

as a fruit fly.

Inkongudunk 6 days ago
Slightly less annoying

it's ironic cuz he's definitely a fruit but he's never been fly amirite

Inkongudunk 6 days ago
Dude is a piece of cheese with no corners Ain't never gonna be a slice

sometimes i like to imagine the threads here are being said, verbatim, like in person and i just crack up when hes like WARF A SARDA GHUWAHCK because you know his eyes would be teary and he'd have snot running out of his nose and sounding all f*cking BORKA DORKA. we should make that the new posting, voice posts. Id pay good money for that.