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Climbing Mt. Everest

rick_tocchet 64 days ago

BULLHEAD 64 days ago
i did the rim to river hike in 1 day and ran out of water and thought i might die

simon_belmont 64 days ago
I hiked to the highest peak in CT. Which isn't very high.

AnalButt 64 days ago
This guy at work was telling me about how he went rafting down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon and the guides said that to conserve toilet paper for the week long trip you take one square, poke your finger through it, use your finger to scoop the shit off your ass, and wipe the shit off your finger with the square.

easyhateoven 64 days ago
i love hearing about people who died trying to climb this fa ggot mountain

BULLHEAD 64 days ago
Sounds like pretty standard butt wiping to me

carveyournamein 64 days ago
I definitely don't wipe my ass that way.

BULLHEAD 64 days ago
Care to walk me through your process?

evil_hero 64 days ago
anatoli boukreev's book "the climb" kicks the shit out of that faqgot jon krakauers book about the 96 disaster on everest. RIP anatoli

Barbara 64 days ago
Colin Fletcher's work is pretty cool Bull, you'd probably dig it. Check out The Man Who Walked Through Time