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Lars ulrich toilet

Portslob 8 days ago
Seriously https://www.yahoo.com/news/metallica-fans-want-buy-lars-205318303.html

BULLHEAD 8 days ago
that's disturbing to look at

dog_boner 8 days ago
I don't understand, why it doesn't have his tiny baby dick?

dog_boner 8 days ago
It would've been so easy to just do it right https://imgur.com/a/N2So1nB

simon_belmont 8 days ago
I want that, actually

BULLHEAD 8 days ago
what a weird penis

simon_belmont 8 days ago
The toilet, not the dick

jimbo 8 days ago
Lars def lives a double life that involves gay orgies after art gallery auctions

just_farted 7 days ago
i'd take a nice Thanksgiving dump on that bad boy.

skinsuit 7 days ago