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Quarterly shitting yourself as an adult thread

Kvin 264 days ago
I don't know if this counts, but one time I was so violently I'll I was stuck on the toilet for an extended period of time and decided to lean over and rest my head on the wall. I ended up falling asleep, but woke up to what I thought was a fart that needed to come out. I was leaned up against the wall so much that my ass was cocked to the side and I just sprayed diarrhea all over the seat and vanity next to it, then had to continue sit in it because I had endless streams of shit.

ShaolinLambKiller 264 days ago
Execute yourself

Portslob 264 days ago
Lol, it counts

dayman 264 days ago

VodkaVeins 264 days ago
Food poisoning sucks.

NakedFrankReynolds 264 days ago
Last time I shit myself, I was visiting my in-laws and caught the stomach flu. We scheduled an escape room with my wife's brothers and dad and I started to feel sick in there. I was sweating profusely and getting so annoyed with everyone that I just yelled at them and did everything myself. I escaped the escape room without shitting myself, but when they dropped me off at the hotel I let loose as I was walking through the door into our room. Shit was everywhere. I undressed, crawled into the big open shower, sat on the ground with the water spraying over me, and just let everything out in there. Not sure why that was what I did, but I was pretty much delirious at the time

jimbo 264 days ago
escape rooms have emergency shit buttons dude

Portslob 264 days ago
I can't think of anything less I would rather do than an escape room

evil_hero 264 days ago
lmao nakedfrankreynolds. the shit sweats are the worst. and that anger you get where youre like "i can hold my shit but only if everything goes exactly right in the next 30 minutes" lmaaooo

vagisilcreem 264 days ago
shit sweats are scary.

NakedFrankReynolds 264 days ago
It was some haunted antique store or something like that and the final puzzle using doing some light up puzzle to summon a demon to release us and I kept telling them the answer to the puzzle but my father in law was like no no no let's think this through a little longer, then kept f*cking the puzzle up. I was right and was pissed the whole car ride home.

vagisilcreem 264 days ago
did you f*ck him to show you mean business?

NakedFrankReynolds 264 days ago
Yes. I laid him down on the freshly shit shower basin, put my dripping wet finger to his lips as to tell him to stay quiet, then probed around his two fresh, untainted hairy butt cheeks before waking up for this amazing dream that I couldn't finish god damn it

skinsuit 264 days ago