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I need to get this off my chest

Kvin 275 days ago
When I was 10 my cousin died and at his funeral i stuck my fingers in his nose to make my crying brother laugh. My dad saw me do it and took me to the next door and beat the shit out of me with a rolled up book of organ music and told me I'd be next in the coffin if I kept it up lol

carveyournamein 275 days ago
Was he the only other person who saw you do it?

evil_hero 275 days ago
can you put that back on your chest

simon_belmont 275 days ago

VodkaVeins 275 days ago
Defiling A Corpse For A Goof is my favorite Guttermouth song

AnalButt 275 days ago
Lol story

Portslob 275 days ago
Lol, you and your dad rule

rick_tocchet 275 days ago
Was your cousin an asshole?

Kvin 275 days ago
This actually isn't something that's super secret or anything. I told my wife this story a few years ago and now whenever I piss her off, if there's a magazine or a roll of paper towels nearby she'll hit me with it and ask me if I'm ready for the coffin yet lol.

carveyournamein 275 days ago
Are you?

Kvin 275 days ago
I don't remember if he was an asshole. He was way older and I wasn't very close to him, so maybe he was.

Kvin 275 days ago
Close. Knowing I hit 50 in just over 3 years helps ease the pain.

easyhateoven 275 days ago
lol nice