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Using crack recreationally into your late 70s

My friend recently bought a super rundown quadruplex in a very poor area of the city and has made friends with a bunch of the neighborhood characters while fixing it up, including an old 77 year old man who lives across the street. Guy invited him over to hang out on the porch and at one point just whips out a crack pipe and starts hitting it. Turns out he smokes crack a couple times a week and is otherwise your run of the mill kinda poor nice old black southern man who goes to church and has his great grandchildren over to play. Not a crackhead, just someone who smokes crack once in a while for fun. I guess I realized I don't know much about crack or the recreational crack subculture but it sounds intriguing.

simon_belmont 83 days ago
I have a friend who uses it "recreationally." He's in his late 50s though.

Portslob 83 days ago
When I retire, all I'm going to do is get f*cked up on booze and drugs

ej 83 days ago
i'd like to start in my late 70s

Portslob 83 days ago
Tom petty tried heroin in his 70s

skinsuit 83 days ago
That shit's wack yo!

BULLHEAD 83 days ago
Is not that hard to do drugs and not be a total junkie

skinsuit 83 days ago
Doing drugs is a sign you're not content with your life.

BULLHEAD 82 days ago
Yeah and it helps with that

Portslob 82 days ago

Barbara 82 days ago
drugs are f*cking lame. they don't make you cool they make you annoying okay.

Barbara 82 days ago
old crack man probably a pain in the ass around dinner time

skinsuit 82 days ago

dayman 82 days ago
lol @ once in a while for fun

Godfreyjones 82 days ago
When I worked in downtown Detroit, there was always the nicest old homeless guy on the riverfront who'd ask for change. He seemed honest about the fact he needed some cash to buy food, booze, and drugs, which was refreshing.