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ed_money 35 days ago
Until one single activist in this movement can connect on a slant route like Desaun Watson they should all have a seat.

butlerianjihad 35 days ago
Him and Trevor Bauer won't be throwing anything but apologies for the next few years, bud

ej 35 days ago
but can feminists stay strong in the pocket

Spork 35 days ago
Douche-on Watson. Shitty name

ej 35 days ago
deshaun definitely sits on dildos though before bed

xander_crews_horse 35 days ago
EdMoney dislikes me too movement because he's ashamed of the land leviathans he's harassed and touched without permission. Ed money you look like a replicant in a cloning tube but uglier.

easyhateoven 35 days ago
me poo

xander_crews_horse 35 days ago
No, I mean it, Ed money looks like nosferatu with alopecia

xander_crews_horse 35 days ago
Ed money posts nudes you racist egg.

evil_hero 35 days ago
ej 20 minutes ago but can feminists stay strong in the pocket hahahahahahaha

easyhateoven 35 days ago