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it's my birthday

what'd you get me?? *jumps in your lap and farts*

ej 35 days ago
This poem: Every now and then, comes a special day, where we can rejoice, and push our sorrows away. We celelebrate a man, with Lambgoat tenure, not Frankie Palmeri, or anyone from Emmure. The 27th of October, is not like the rest With drink and joy, we laugh and jest. So once a year, when the sun is rising, we say happy birthday to withdeadhandsrising

easyhateoven 35 days ago
happy birthday!

that was beautiful *pulls on dick* *confetti flies out butt*

skinsuit 35 days ago
I got you the cartoon version of the Jurassic Park boxset. Where should I send it?

AH-AH NO TRIND, YOU GIT *smacks broom on ground*

skinsuit 35 days ago
Was just trying to be nice. Not gonna argue with you today.

easyhateoven 35 days ago
here, watch this gem

_d0thack_ 35 days ago
Happy birthday. Stay safe.

xander_crews_horse 35 days ago

evil_hero 35 days ago
*stands outside with boombox held up over my head blasting "its raining men"* HBD ya big ol turdgrobbler

easyhateoven 35 days ago
best line of 'once bitten' -- get yourself a shovel, you're in deep shit

thanks guys ^__^ once bitten is actually one of my favorite 80s comedies

easyhateoven 35 days ago
same. classic

BULLHEAD 35 days ago
I'm definitely jealous