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Night of the Living Dead

carveyournamein 36 days ago
They should have all gone into the basement.

jimbo 36 days ago
you can't get reception in the basement, dickhead

carveyournamein 36 days ago
If they'd gone into and stayed in the basement they'd all be alive.

vagisilcreem 36 days ago
never would have happened if trump were in office

Pilgrim 36 days ago
There's no food or water in the basement. Also your zombie murderous child support s down there

Pilgrim 36 days ago
Is down there*

Pilgrim 36 days ago
Thats a wild autocorrect

Get_Some 35 days ago
Watching at work now, thank you for the suggestion.

carveyournamein 35 days ago
I didn't suggest anything to you.