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Off to do trivia! ^_^/

butlerianjihad 34 days ago
I hope it's very topical and ALL DUNE RELATED QUESTIONS wish me luck ^_^/

easyhateoven 34 days ago
it's going to be about lambgoat '05

evil_hero 34 days ago
maybe it will be questions about dong

jimbo 34 days ago
no one would beat him in dong trivia

easyhateoven 34 days ago
adam long dong

ej 34 days ago
when i was a child watching jeopardy, i always watched with bated breath, hoping the categories would be sports or video game related. that's kinda me with trivia now

skinsuit 34 days ago

Pilgrim 34 days ago
I'm doing trivia tonight😀

butlerianjihad 34 days ago
We got third place wooo free beer :^)

butlerianjihad 34 days ago
Not a single Dune question :^(